My-Tee Automotive Service
  1. Batteries
    Many AC Delco batteries in stock. Starting & charging system diagnostics. Starters. Alternators.
  2. Exhaust & Brake Service
    Exhaust & Brake Service
    Repair &/or replacement of mufflers, and exhaust pipes. Catalytic converters. Pads. Rotors. Shoes. Hardware. Caliper clean & lube, or replacements.
  3. State and Safety Inspections
    State and Safety Inspections
    Headlights. Bulbs. Wipers. Horn. Steering linkage. Suspension components. Shocks. Struts. Springs. Window tint removing.
  4. General Repair
    General Repair
    Engine repair &/or replacement. Timing belts. Water pumps. Clutches. Belts. Hoses. Tune-ups. Head gaskets. Check engine light diagnostics.
  5. Tires
    We stock Toyo all-seasons and snow tires in many sizes. Same day service. Other brands available on request.
  6. Wheel Aligments
    Wheel Aligments
    State of the Art Equipment. 4-Wheel Alignment System. Camber correction kits.